Wednesday, 23 August 2017

The "I don't feel like playing" problem

Sometimes when I read internet forums like Reddit to rot my brain, I stumble upon on threads where people are asking stuff like: "I haven't felt like playing anything for ages, what to do?" or "I have hundreds of games but no desire to play." I've never really felt this way since I always find something to play, but I have few tips for people who wish to "get back to gaming" again. Hopefully these are helpful.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Back from the dead?

Hey, just a short update.

Been busy with life and stuff and forgot this blog completely. The whole "one post per week" kind of burned me out of this whole thing too.

Now 7 months later.. Uhh, I don't really have an excuse. I wanted to start making vlogs but I want a nicer camera for that, so I held off all my ideas just in case I get a camera.. And then couldn't write about them. I will try vlogging, but if I can't find a camera or just don't feel like it after all, I'll just move back to writing.

Honestly this is my worst problem: I can't decide. I want to do everything, so I end up doing nothing because I can't pick up one over another. It's a miracle I ever get games done..

Speaking of games, I have a devblog for my games ( Edit: Not anymore), the  but I may migrate it here, or use the one in I'm still not quite sure what to do.

So.. If I got some free time and willpower, I'll write about one of those topics I have on my huge topic list. I may also in future make all the game related things into videos, since they're more fun to show in moving format. I may even remake that Morrowind text post in a video form, I can never really praise that game enough.

If someone has been periodically checking this blog out and not given hope up yet, thanks. Really appreciate that. :)

PS. Join my Discord to kick my ass so I will do more content.